Demolished Ground Escape Game

Demolished Ground Escape
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Since your house is too old, you are looking forward to renovate it. The best way to do it is to start from scratch. So, you quickly called the demolish service to turn your old house down. With that, you can rebuild a new house. But while the demolishing is in process, you remembered that you forgot your favorite teddy bear in your house. You never want your teddy to go down with your house. Because of that, you took a second to get in a find your teddy. Thankfully, you found it quickly. But since your house looks differently now, you are finding it hard to get out. Not only that, the doors are also hard to open. The good news is, there are items on the demolished ground that you can pick up and use for your escape plan.

On the other note, you have to move fast because the demolishing team would proceed with their business any time soon. You don't want to be trap in there. You have to use your logic to escape quickly. Demolished Ground Escape is a brand new point and click room escape game by Genie Fun Games that will test your escape skills. Good luck!

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