Deluxe Cottage Room Escape Game

Deluxe Cottage Room Escape

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Deluxe Cottage Room Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Genie Fun Games for another dose of fun escapes with us. Good luck!

In the island resort, everything there is paradise and the cottages in the place are luxurious, perfect place for a getaway after months of non-stop work. Olivia took this vacation and she was alone for she also wants to find herself in a beautiful and peaceful place. Olivia took three days in her stay there and it was even better for there are little to no visitors in the place in the time she visited. Everything had been great, but in the final day of her stay there however, she came across a problem and she needs to solve that or suffer an overstay-charge.

Olivia lost her keys in the cottage and if she can't find it, then she can't check-out and leave the place for presenting the key is a must to check-out. Olivia knows that she'll have another charge if she lost the keys there, that's why she needs to find it as quickly as possible before time runs-out and the charges comes in. Escape players, care to join in the search for the cottage keys here with Olivia in a tropical paradise? Go ahead then and keep your eyes open for those keys somewhere. Have fun everyone!


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