Delightful Orange Starfish Escape

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Once again this starfish had just arrived in the town from the deep. Nobody knows why it does this but because it is unusually big and could perform magical feats, the townsfolk always anticipates its annual but flexible coming and whenever it does come people just scrambles everywhere. That night though when nobody is out for it’s late, Earl was still out and he was very lucky, for he was the first to see the creature!

Earl was definitely joyful of what he saw for before he never really had a chance to even touch the creature thanks to the lot of people that surrounds it. They Probably wanted to have a piece of this magical starfish’s miracles for well there is a rumor that the thing can heal sickness as well. But at the moment though as Earl found it, it was not in the best of situations for the creature seems to be trapped in a room there! The starfish was very lucky that it was found or it will definitely dry-up if it doesn’t return to the ocean every hour, on the other hand Earl was lucky as well for he solos the creature without too much ruckus and noise. Earl needs to get the creature out of there and delicately for he doesn’t want to hurt it, maybe he can return it to the ocean as well. Escape players, will you be able to help the magical orange starfish here before its life gets in danger due to dehydration?

Delightful Orange Starfish Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Delightful Orange Starfish Escape

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