Delightful Corn Escape

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As a scientist who have discovered something truly astounding, Benjamin needs to keep this a secret first for it is not stable yet and he needs more study here before he goes public. Benjamin discovered a way to make some of the vegetables and produce of the place sentient! Now these animated things are just roaming around his lab and is even joyous with what little area they have. Benjamin doesn’t have anything yet about how will these things be of help to the area, that’s why he needs to know more so he can strategize this. But even when he kept things under lock and key, one still escaped for well they can all move and run about!

A corn just escaped and it went straight into a trap just beside a tree there in the town! Benjamin saw this happening, but it was too late when the corn got trapped, he almost got him though. It’s just a good thing there was nobody around, for if there is even one person who saw it then his experiments here could be uncovered prematurely. Escape players, Benjamin needs to get his corn out of that trap there so he can then get this thing back to the safety of his lab. Will you be able to help him quick before somebody sees?

Delightful Corn Escape is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Games 4 King.

Walkthrough video for Delightful Corn Escape


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