Delight 01 Game

Delight 01

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Delight 01 is a brand new point and click eerie house escape game released by First Escape Games for another dose of fun escapes with us daily. Have Fun!

This game is for you escape players and for the start of this new series, nothing else will it bring to you but delight! Most especially when you'll be able to escape from this situation here easily and quickly. This time, you will be trapped inside a huge house mansion here of some sort and it's huge but only containing things that you'll need in-order to escape. The mansion isn't really that abandoned here for somebody seems to be living in the place at the moment and it looks like he or she is an adventurer. There might be treasures here he or she is protecting and if you get caught here in this house, you will definitely be branded a trespasser and wrongly a thief!

Escape players, join us on this situation here as you escape from the huge house quickly and safely. Your skills and logic are a must on this one for nobody is coming for your rescue in this place. Good luck then, stay alert as well for you might find a secret path that can get you out of here.

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