Delicious Forest Blueberries Escape Game

Delicious Forest Blueberries Escape

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After gathering thirty blueberries the elite bear guard wants, you hand it over to him. The Sun Well is now open to you. After taking out the golden goblet, you dip it into the well, drinking the sun water next. After a few moments, you felt dizzy. In addition, your whole body starts tingling. However, you're waiting for the big super power from drinking the water. During the next hour, you're wondering sbout what you did wrong because nothing is happening so far.

In a fit of rage, you punched the ground and everything around you shook. A few seconds passes and you put your hands on a boulder, lifting it like it's made of nothing. You now have the gift of strength and it does not surprise you, however. Immediately, you traveled back home while being careful not to devulge your secret. Coming home, you're now confident that you can protect your family.

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