Delicious Cupcake Escape

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Frances your friend is baking again and she has new creations she wants you to try. Of course you’ll come for you always have been a critic of her works and most of the time she never fails. Frances likes critics to her works for that helps her strive to be better, she trusts you her friend that her criticism isn’t for pride but actually for Frances to get better. As you arrived at her house, you immediately smelled baking stuff and the ingredients, looks like she scaled-up a bit here, but as you entered though you realized Frances was actually doing something different there.

Frances have let-out all her tools there and she was prying a door open. Okay you didn’t expect that for you expected to find her baking, but there she was on the floor sweating. You asked what was up? And she told you then that she was trying to open this door for her new baking room was behind this and she couldn’t access it for she couldn’t open it. Okay, you’ll help Frances here with her problem for you might become the difference here, and to top that off her batch for you to taste is in that baking room and that’s why she really needs to open this. Escape players, you are in the situation here now where you need to help Frances. Will you be able to open the door so that the taste-test can begin?

Delicious Cupcake Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Delicious Cupcake Escape

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