Deface Spot Escape

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The old house which was pretty much dilapidated had been left alone at the edge of town, but it’s not empty though, well empty of life that is, still there are signs that points the place still has somebody and that someone who was curious enough to know if somebody is actually living there was Julio and that day, he entered the place for he was feeling extra courageous. As Julio enters, he came to find strange things there like new things! How could there be new things inside for the place had been abandoned for years? After he realized that, something happened then and that made the situation turned to the wrong side!

Julio was about to leave the place when he realized that there was something else going-on in the place, he couldn’t leave for the doors would not open! It’s like somebody realized that he was in and now he is being imprisoned inside! Julio doesn’t know what happened and also what will happen then, but he is going to get this done right-now so he can escape and not find out. Escape players, want to join Julio here who trespassed an old house and got trapped? He needs to escape so will you lend him a hand?

Deface Spot Escape is the newest point and click old indoor escape game created by Genie Fun Games.