Deep Mystery Escape Game

Deep Mystery Escape

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The jungle was one of the places you couldn't wait to explore. When you were younger, you were so fond of the movie set in a jungle. It seemed like the animals were very friendly. And you hoped to befriend them. However, as you grew, you realized the animals could harm you. But your love for the jungle still lived on. You went to a theme park with the similar setting of the movie you once loved. And you wanted to see the real thing even more. So you looked for a travel agency that could take you there. Then again, the place you wanted was a bit dangerous and the agencies wouldn't want to risk it. Fortunately, you had a friend living somewhere near the jungle because of his work. He invited you to have an expedition. You believed he knew the way and you agreed.

You arrived at the location and he was already waiting there. But you couldn't see his backpack with him. You were about to ask him yet he already gave you the map and a compass. He then told you meet him there before sunset. It was no use to argue with him. So you just went on your way alone until you meet the deep mystery of the place. Play Deep Mystery Escape outdoor escape game by Mouse City.


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