Deep Dungeon Escape Game

Deep Dungeon Escape

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You wanted to prove so much that you ignored the orders of your chief. You should just stay as lookout for a few days until they made the route to the castle foolproof. However, you just couldn't wait. You felt like you were not being help just by being a lookout. So you stealthily left your post to check on the enemy's castle yourself. Everything was going according to your plan until one of the guards spotted you. Using all the techniques you learned, you tried to escape without leading them to your camp. Then again, you were outnumbered and they knew the path very well. You knew that escaping and staying still spelled trouble for you. So you had to think of a way to get out alive from the dungeon and stay alive while you were with your group.

You used the time inside the dungeon to really think of these things. The guards saw how deep you were with your thoughts that they rarely kept a close eye on you. This gave you the opportunity to interact with the items you found and piece them together to make useful tools for your escape. Play Deep Dungeon Escape room escape game by Mouse City.


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