Decrepit Zombie Garage Escape Game

Decrepit Zombie Garage Escape

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You thougt a zombie apocalypse is something, that only happens in TV shows and movies. At first, when you'd heard the news in the TV, it sounded so surreal, like an advertisement or something. I mean,  an epidemic that spreads across the country in only 6 days and the people go through mutations and become zombies? You just couldn't belive it. You didn't want to believe it. At least, until the first hordes appeared in your town. They were so quick. Killed and infected most of the population in 1 day. A few people could run away. You managed to build a barricade around your house to keep away the monsters. However, your food ran off, so you had to go out and get some. No matter how cautious you were, two zombies found you. You ran into a decrepit garage to hide. Shake them off and run!

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  1. Date: July 23, 2015
    Author: Drifter
    This game is just another pixel hunt. pure garbage. [Reply]

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