Decorum Giraffe Boy Escape

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Giraffe boy who lives in the village is not just a codename, for he really was a giraffe boy! This kid roams around the place and just being menace at times, and sometimes he would even be helpful, not to mention he was also studious and as his guardian, that really confuses Ken. That day, Ken did not find his boy again in the house, he knows the young one is out again enjoying what he is doing at the moment, but little did he know he was actually not having fun and was really trapped!

Ken went out of the house for a bit so he can buy food for supper that night. As he passed by one of the houses there, he found his boy and he was definitely lucky Ken passed by there, for the area was the long way and he couldn’t have taken it. Okay then, Ken is going to get his giraffe boy out for surely this is something that he had done and the result was him being trapped. Escape players, Ken is really not a guy who can open locks or infiltrate places, that’s why he needs help here so he can get his giraffe boy out. Will you be able to help here so his boy can be safely let out there?

Decorum Giraffe Boy Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Decorum Giraffe Boy Escape

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