Decoration House Escape Game

Decoration House Escape

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Finally, the house that Cay was renovating is finally done! The decors of the place have been set and there are now more rooms for the guests, because Cay always has a lot of visitors and now they can even sleep in the place if they wanted to. The working men had already left and the tools were stowed-away as Cay's new day begins in his newly refurbished place. Cay was satisfied what his place had become, but it seems though that it tested him for when he was about to go out to the garden so he can also begin on the plan to renovate there, he found that the doors would not open!

Cay tried hard but he didn't want to destroy the door so he tried the others, but he only found-out that the others cannot be opened as well! Cay has no idea what is going-on, but he definitely wants some answer so he needs to solve this now for all he knows, this could be any of the worker's mistake on modern installations or something. Escape players, play as Cay here as he finds his way out of his own luxurious house before something else happens. Use your skills and logic on this one!

Decoration House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from 8b Games.

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