Decorated Home Escape Game

Decorated Home Escape

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Decorated Home Escape is a game from The Escape Games. Imagine you are the cleaner of a wealthy family. The father decided to spend the next weeks in the weekend house of the family and he asked you to travel there to clean that rural house for a little extra money before they were going to arrive. You accepted his offer and the next week you were already there cleaning the dusty furnitures and windows. One day you had been cleaning all day long when at night you felt extremely tired. You decided to go and have a hike around the nearby lake. You put on your training shoes, grabbed a bottle of mineral water and were ready to leave. Unfortunately you forgot to unlock the alarm system of the house before you stepped into the antechamber and it turned on when the sensors detected your motion. Every exit point became locked immediately. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to make your way out. Good luck!



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