Deceptively Monster Escape Game

Deceptively Monster Escape

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There is this strange creature in the village which appears occasionally and it's sometimes joyous and docile, but everybody should be very careful of it though when it is in a bad mood, for it can shapeshift to whatever it likes and becomes bitter than anyone can imagine. Some people just knows when to stay clear from it, but others wanted to do something about it, and that week they planned to capture the creature and maybe move it somewhere else, or what about just ending it! As a villager, Kenny once had a close encounter of the creature, and from then his impression to it change. That's why when one day they finally successfully captured the creature, Kenny was uneasy for something bad is definitely going to happen if they remove the creature from the place.

Escape players, Kenny is going to free the monster for he was once given a message from it that it is a part of the place, and if something bad is happen to it the area will never know peace. Kenny doesn't know if what had been told to him is the truth, but he strongly feels he needs to do something for if he doesn't, then this village of theirs might not survive for long. Will you help Kenny here then before he misses his chance?

Deceptively Monster Escape is a new rescue escape game developed by Games 4 King.


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