Deceitfully Monster Escape Game

Deceitfully Monster Escape

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There is this monster in the village and it really is a creature of dynamic proportions. It can shapeshift to anything that it likes, from a creature as big as a bison, to one that is small as a rat, that's why the people call it many names and one is the deceitful monster. It isn't really harmful though and would sometimes be just there doing nothing. But what it does which can be mischievous sometimes is an inconvenience really and people fear that one day it might hurt somebody due to its actions, it is already causing some uneasiness to others so that is not a totally impossible thing. Well there is nothing they can do really, for the monster was actually living there way back when the village was still non-existent, they were just confused why would anybody built a settlement in a place where a monster lives?

Not all though dislikes the monster, like Drew who appreciates life in all sorts of things on earth. In fact that day when the monster got into some serious trouble, things were definitely not good for it is trapped in something and he decided to help! Somebody might have done this and it could spell the end for it. Of course Drew doesn't want this to end as such, he'll have to free the monster and if he is confronted by people, he will defend its rights to live in its own land. Escape players, Drew needs to do this quickly though before somebody comes, will you help him on this?

Deceitfully Monster Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game from Games 4 King.


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