Deceitful Rat Escape

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There is this rat who is also a resident of the town but this one however was an undesirable, for it moves slowly and delicately in the place not so it can evade capture by predators, but to evade people who wishes to capture it and let it pay-up for its crimes! This rat is being trained by some expert surely, for the creature is very good at stealing stuff and even deceive people with ease. That day, Tim saw this creature and before that little critter did its crime, it smiled. It was weird, but then it made a mistake for it got trapped in his contraption which was made for creatures like him only for less intelligent ones.

Tim was delighted he was able to capture the rat here, but as he saw it though he sees potential, maybe he can train this one to be loyal to him and do good rather than being a rascal that it is? Well he needs to be a little more trusting of the animal though, which he is currently having a hard-time in doing. Maybe he is a fool here or whatever, but the first attempt for trust must come from him for surely that rat is not going to give it. Escape players, Tim is going to free the rat and hopefully when he does, it’ll realize something and maybe it’ll turn around from its ways. It is a gamble, but will you help Tim here unlock the cage and free it?

Deceitful Rat Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 4 King.