Debris Warehouse Room Escape

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The engineering building is pretty old now, it has everything in terms of engineering, from electrical, computers, even drums of chemicals for the chemical engineers. Those stuff are being kept in the big warehouse in the building and even that warehouse is pretty old too. The place has vintage equipment as well as new ones and one day as an engineer working there, Kyle is currently looking for things that is asked of him and also things that he needs to supplement the new project, but it seems that he is having some trouble with the task and it even got worst!

Kyle had a lot of things on his person now and he seems to have retrieve the majority of the stuff that he needs to take, that’s why he decided to leave so he can give the stuff he retrieved to the team so that they can start, he will then continue on check his list, but unfortunately there came a problem and that is he couldn’t escape the warehouse for the doors would not open! Kyle thought maybe his team is pulling a prank on him for pranks are still pretty rampant in the building, but after a few minutes he came to a conclusion that this isn’t so. Escape players, Kyle is in concern with this now and he still has a lot of work to do, want to help him out and see if your skills are enough to solve this strange problem?

Debris Warehouse Room Escape is brand new point and click escape game from Ekey Games.