Deadly Darkness Game

Deadly Darkness

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You are not afraid of the dark and you are here to prove it. You went to a cave without any flashlight or anything that could light up your path. This could be the bravest thing that you will do in your entire life and it's all because of pride. But as we all know, everybody has a secret fear. You are not afraid of the dark but you are afraid of death. So when you heard a bat and other animal noises inside, you knew that you have to get out. They might eat you alive and you don't want that to happen. The problem is, it's too dark inside so it would be hard for you get out. You can't die inside the cave so you have to find a way to escape.

There might be something in there that you can use to lighten up the darkness. You might also find clues that can help you to locate the right way out. You don't want to stay inside the cave until night time arrives thus it will be darker inside. Play this brand new outdoor escape game from Mirchigames and escape from this Deadly Darkness. Best of luck!



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