Dazzling Radish Escape

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Winona was really not relaxed at the moment, for her potted radish went missing from where it is suppose to be! It’s just a radish and it’s really not that special. Well that is not right, for this radish of hers is sentient and because of that fact, that is a huge reason for it to go missing. She fears that it had been likely stolen for that radish of hers is in its pot and cannot really leave its soil and roam around. She needs to find it now while this happening is still fresh and the possibility of her getting it back is still there.

Escape players, Winona needs to find clues here, leads which can bring her to where her radish potentially is. She needs to be quick or else her chances of getting her unusual radish here will be lost. Will you help Winona here then find her radish and quickly for that thing is actually very delicate? Go ahead then and may your skills and logic here be enough for the search and with that, for the rescue as well.

Dazzling Radish Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Dazzling Radish Escape

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