Dazzling Alien Escape

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The village have always been peaceful, well that’s until when this being came crashing from the stars and the first one who saw the site was Rommel. The site was all bright and smokey, little did Rommel know that this event and his involvement in it will change his life forever. Rommel saw a small alien! It managed to escape from its burning spaceship but is now unconscious. Rommel had to make a decision there then, whether to leave this creature to the villagers or take it with him to safety. Eventually Rommel chose the latter and then the rest was history.

Rommel mad this alien his friend, it was actually pretty friendly and quite extraordinary, it recovered from its injuries alone without his intervention even though the accident happened just a week ago. Still though they are not out of the woods just yet, for the villagers found the crash site and up until now they have been trying to look for its occupants. That day unfortunately will come, and from then Rommel needs to make a hard decision once again. The people actually found the alien and they captured it sealing it inside a cage! Rommel was luckily not accused of anything about this, that means he still has a chance to free this alien which was now his friend! How can they not fall with the whiles of this creature, it was cute and small as well as friendly. Guess they are not open-minded at all and are desperate to put the place on the map. Escape players, will you help Rommel here then as he will be doing his rescue as quickly as possible without being seen?

Dazzling Alien Escape is the newest point and click extraterrestrial rescue escape game created by Palani Games.

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Walkthrough video for Dazzling Alien Escape

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