Daydream Forest Escape Game

Daydream Forest Escape

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You know that you shouldn't watch or read anything that can give you weird dreams at night. However, you really love reading. You're already done with the light books and all you have left are the deep and dark ones. It's late at night and you won't be able to find an open bookstore. So you just pick up the available books and start reading. The thing is, you find it really hard to stop the story halfway. You're only able to stop when you fall asleep. And just like tonight, you're in the middle of a very interesting part of the story. You wish to finish it all but your eyes are already very heavy. You wake up with the sound of rustling. Your mind instantly thinks of rats and you can't have them especially where you keep your books.

So you immediately stand up to search for the source of the noise. But when your eyes adjust to the dark, you see that you're inside a forest. It's nearing morning and you're still dreaming. You have to wake up before your dream turns into your reality. You won't be able to leave if this happens. Play Daydream Forest Escape outdoor escape game by Mirchigames.

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