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Day Room Fun Escape

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It's another morning and Mae planned to clean her house for a bit for there is still time to do things before she goes to work. Her living-room is a mess for the family just left and they were in a hurry to the point they just became careless, it's a good thing Mae's duty hours is not on until later. And so, Mae cleaned some of the rooms in the place and gradually everything is turning spotless. But her work though was stopped in the middle for when she was about to get out of the place to get some fresh-air, she realized that the doors would not open!

Strange, for Mae thought she didn't lock anything, but what is this? She was currently alone in the house and there is absolutely nobody that would lock it except her, but the problem is she knows that she didn't. Looks like something strange is going-on here and Mae is going to get to the bottom of this quickly before she gets late for work. Escape players, this is a challenge for you to solve and a problem for Mae that she needs to fix, will you be able to successfully get the problem done and everybody happy?

Day Room Fun Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Fun Escape Games.

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