Dauntless Raccoon Escape

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As a trainer of animals, none have really tested Portia’s teaching skills than this racoon which was not only mischievous, fearless, and hyperactive, it is very much almost unteachable. Still Portia refuses to give-up on it for she’ll really finish what she had started most preferable in her desired outcome, and also she doesn’t want to lose face for among trainers, she really sticks out that’s because she is the only female among the other trainers and is recognized by her peers. That day, Portia put the racoon to the test again just to see what needs to be polished this time, but this one though will be quite a problematic test run.

The racoon got itself trapped inside the king’s castle and some of the guards are already trying to get it out! Portia is really concerned for herself and the racoon, for they might hurt it and if ever the king finds-out about this then she might get punished! Escape players, Portia really needs a hand here, if she needs to be the one to rescue her racoon then she will, she only needs a little help though and that will be coming from you. Will you be able to get that racoon out from where it is trapped?

Dauntless Raccoon Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 4 King.