Data Disarray – Find The Room Server

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Dominic’s brother works as a server in a five-star hotel in the city, but even when there are a lot of rooms there, today had been crazy for they are starting to run-out of vacant rooms, that’s why most staff needs to be there for it’s all-hands on deck now. That’s why Dominic is now helping his brother out so that he won’t get late, but something happened though and now he needs immediate help!

Dominic’s brother got trapped in his room and he couldn’t open it even when he tried his best! Dominic doesn’t know what’s happening for this happened for the first time, but he is now trying to find the key to it and he needs help with that for it is somewhere in his house. Escape players, will you be able to help with this?

Data Disarray – Find The Room Server is the newest point-and-click indoor rescue escape game from 8B Games.

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Walkthrough video for Data Disarray – Find The Room Server

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