Darts Home Escape Game

Darts Home Escape

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Come and try your skills and logic here on this house escape adventure. Darts Home Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Amgel Escape. Have Fun with us everyday!

Every semester break, Liam and his daughter goes to their forest house so they can begin on her archery training there. The place is very isolated from civilization, with the occasional hiker passing-by every couple of weeks, that is how remote the area is here. Liam and his daughter was only beginning to prepare for their training, but something happened inside the house though and they both were dumbfounded after realizing it.

Liam is now ready to leave for the forest and the rooms are already locked now, but as they tried thee main exit, it would not budge open! It just would not no matter how hard he tried, but when he looked at his kid, he then had the great courage to get her to safety by getting her out from this situation here. Escape players, there might be clues around which can tell what's going-on, scan the compartments, the floor-boards, and even the huge dart cork-board. Join Liam here and find anything that might point to something so you can escape and get him and his daughter to safety outside. Good luck everyone and enjoy!

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