Dark Underground Catacombs Escape Game

Dark Underground Catacombs Escape

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Since the second world war there were rumors that under the town there are some catacombs. Many people searched for them, but no one ever found them. The mayor made sure that the catacombs will remain a secret because that place is where many things happened which can never come to light. But this only made you even more curious, so you continued your search. And you were lucky. One day you found the secret entrance to the catacombs and started exploring them.

But you were not expecting to find the underground ruins which will put your life in danger. It is not simply a dump for ancient remains but you actually found a torture chamber. Your hunch is right! Those is the higher pedestals of society are still running the city and using this room to threaten people. Alarm bells went off when suddenly, you heard rushing footsteps behind you. It  seems that it's time to escape. Have fun!

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