Dark Tribal God Game

Dark Tribal God

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You were walking along the cave to find treasures. But as you walk through this cave, you started to discover something more. Looks like treasure is not the only thing that you can find in this cave but also a tribe. There are writings along the wall that only tribal people can understand. You find this interesting so you continued to walk in this cave. Not far after, you finally saw the tribe. However, this tribe is not as friendly as you expect them to be. They don't want to entertain any visitors. In fact, they don't even want any visitors. They look at you as an intruder and they don't want to let you go. You are lucky that they still gave you a chance to escape from this tribe.

But for you to be free, you have to solve all the puzzles that the dark tribal god gave you. If you can't solve those, then you have to stay in this place forever. That is the least thing that you can to happen so you have to do your best to escape. Play Dark Tribal God room escape game from NSR Games and use your logic to escape. Best of luck!

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