Dark Room Escape (Games 4 Escape) Game

Dark Room Escape (Games 4 Escape)

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You didn't want your friends to be scared of the dark room so you decided to enter it first. You were planning to find the light so everyone would be encouraged to enter the room. It took you a while with some bumping on things to find the light. While you were at it, your mind couldn't stop thinking about creepy stuffs. But you willed yourself to snap out of it. You didn't want to continue scaring yourself or you just might scare everybody as well. It was getting deep into the night with the unpleasant weather brewing outside. This was the safest place you could think of. Your parents used to own this property but no one really took care of it. You were given the key though and you visit the place a few times every year. It wasn't enough to keep it inviting though.

After a few more minutes, you found the light and everything was illuminated. Your friends sighed with relief and were about to enter the house when a strong wind blew slamming the door. As soon as you heard the door slammed, everything went dark once more. Play Dark Room Escape (Games 4 Escape) room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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