Dark Prophecy Escape Game

Dark Prophecy Escape

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The castle had a hidden prophecy that one day a certain someone is going to find something hidden in the place and for centuries, nobody had really, not that everyone knows of. Maybe it is treasure? Or secrets that the first king only knows? Well nobody had been clever enough until one day, a lowly castle worker accidentally came upon it and it was a room hidden among the walls! That certain worker was Sebastian and he was just fixing-up some stuff when he accidentally touched a moveable brick on the wall, now he is at his current situation there.

The room was decent and surely it hadn't been touched for years, but when Sebastian entered however, candles and torches came lit mysteriously and that almost sent him running, but he still continued into the place though for maybe he'll find something which can be valuable to the royal family or even the entire kingdom! Escape players, care to join Sebastian here on this discovery in a room which seems to be untouched for thousands of years?

Ready yourself then everyone and be very careful of traps, for there might be some there. Dark Prophecy Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by 365 Escape.

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