Dark Noon Escape Game

Dark Noon Escape

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The land is a really weird place, for there are times that as bright as noon can be, darkness envelops the place and really nobody has any explanation for that. But it is said though that a treasure which is in a house there somewhere in the wilderness can only be found during that time. Nobody has ever got to it however, for everybody is scared of the place whenever it does that. But Ricky here is more adventurous than afraid, so even though it is very foolish to go in there when the darkness covers the place, he still went!

Ricky on his life-threatening journey however was successful in finding the house! He really thought it was going to be difficult, but he can only say it there, for getting inside the house and for the treasure will have its own challenges and that can be very difficult. Escape players, imagine you are Ricky here and he will definitely commit to his mission. But he was told not to stay in there for too long though, so get inside the house, take what you can from there, and then leave while you still can.

Dark Noon Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from Games 2 Live.

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