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Dark Land Fun Escape

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The dark land is very gloomy and it's like there is swamp gas everywhere, some of the places there are green but mostly not even trees would grow. It's easy to think that the place had been cursed or something and that's why locals seldom to never go there. As a scientist, Fitch is set to proceed to the place that day to test everything there and see why is it mostly barren, for all he knows he might find something which can aid to his experiments. Well little did he know though that he will not only find the place there a bit unpleasant, for he will also get lost in the place and it happened before his radio went dead!

Fitch was testing some soil near a place which looked like it once had a forest but had now decayed. Maybe there is some gas here too for he sees a green fog which was coming from somewhere, he wore his gas-mask and entered. At first it was cool and Fitch was calm, but then he got lost and his radio wouldn't send and receive messages right after! Fitch couldn't navigate well because of the fog and he is now seeing new mountainous areas beyond where he was and that really signifies that he is even more lost now. Escape players, Fitch was told that the land is not a place to just be venturing into, but still he went. Will you be able to help him out of there by navigating back as quickly as possible?

Dark Land Fun Escape is a brand new point and click creepy wilderness escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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