Dark Land Escape

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The dark land is a place filled with vegetation and foliage, that’s why it’s called the dark land for most of its areas are dim in lighting. That day though Erwin will be going there for he was curious of the place and he would like to see if there are indeed some houses there according to the people who have been to the place. They even said that such places are abandoned, and that is getting him quite interested.

And so Erwin fulfilled his plans and as he was there, he saw nothing too special like the houses he was searching for, most areas were indeed dim there though and that’s pretty much the only few things he found-out. Well when he was about to get out of there he found-out another thing, and that he is lost in the place and potentially trapped now! For he just discovered that the passages which he went through just to get to the place are now locked. Okay, guess there might be some people here actually, said Erwin to himself. But he doesn’t want to find-out now whoever those are for this situation is already getting him very uneasy. Escape players, Erwin absolutely needs help here so that he can escape the place while there is still light. Will you be able to guide him out of the place as quickly as possible?

Dark Land Escape is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by Games 2 Live.

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Walkthrough video for Dark Land Escape

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