Dark Grey Living Room Escape Game

Dark Grey Living Room Escape

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The apartment Leonard got only has three major colors, black, white, and grey. It's pretty dark in there and gloomy, but those colors can be changed though and he really came only for the location of the place and the luxury it gives. It's pretty nice there actually even though the colors gets the mood down, but he'll come to realize one day in his stay though that the colors there aren't the only things that are dark.

Leonard was on the trial for a week before he really stays there and sign a contract, but when he was about to decide to really pay the place on the halfway of his stay, something happened and it's one that he couldn't really explain. Leonard just got trapped in the place for when he tried the doors so he can get himself out for a bit, it wouldn't budge and in fact none would for he has two doors there. Leonard is really confused what's going-on and it seems that the place really has a dark side, but he'd like to stay optimistic though and think about the possibility that this could just be a normal prank or something. Escape players, how will you solve this one if you are faced with the same problem as Leonard?

Dark Grey Living Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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