Dark Forest Guard Escape Game

Dark Forest Guard Escape

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The dark forest had been acting weirder than before now, for dark things that moves in the night which are only able to go as far as the edge of the forest can now enter the village near it! This is not good for there are all sorts of dark shadows there with different attitudes from mischievous to destructive. As the only shaman living in the said village, Tak knows what he needs to do and that is to consult the being who keeps the dark things at bay, and that is the dark forest guard.

Tak brought his sacred light so the dark creatures won't approach him while he journeys to the middle of the wilderness. After a few hours of mowing through vegetation, Tak finally arrives in the area where the guard lives and as soon as he laid his eyes in the place, he quickly saw the root of the problem. Tak saw that the guard was trapped in a cage and when he sensed him in the nearby, the guard quickly yelled for help and by his tone, it seems more concerned than in-need of rescue. Tak of course must get the dark forest guard out for he is the only being here that keeps the dark creatures in this place. Escape players, want to join Tak the shaman here as he rescues the guard while keeping the darkness at bay?

Dark Forest Guard Escape is another new point and click wilderness rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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