The Dark Fence 26 Game

The Dark Fence 26

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It's been a while since you see something that really catches your eyes. It's a huge dog with a ladder coming from its mouth. You don't know what's the significance of the structure. However, you want to know what's inside the dog. Or if you can even get near it. But something tells you that it has a role to play in this level of your mission. So you look at it and try to figure out how it works. Yet after a while, you seem to be just wasting some of your time without really doing anything. So you move to the other areas of the location to look for something that can give you a clue as to what to find. Then you start picking up some things that you think can help you finish your mission. There are times though that you thought something could help.

Only to find out that it was just a distraction. So you need to focus on what you need to find. Lingering on one location doesn't help in the pace you want for your levels. Just like everyone else back home, you want to get through all the levels you need. And live a normal life once more. Play The Dark Fence 26 outdoor escape game by Enagames.

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