Dark Factory Escape

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You are an employee in a chocolate factory and today is a very hectic day. You have to meet the 5,000 boxes of chocolate quota today. The factory runs for 24 hours straight.  Although, it only runs for 8 hours on a normal day. The management understands the risk of not resting the machines but they don’t have a choice. If they can’t meet the quota, the factory will surely get bankrupt. The deadline is fast approaching and 3,000 boxes so far. The company stretched out the machines and used its maximum capability. But because the machines are tired and heated up, one of the power boxes exploded. The electric current crawled to the main power supply which caused a major blackout. The bell rang and everybody panicked. Everyone ran away from the factory and everyone got out safely except for you.

You did not make it when the doors automatically locked down. Find a way to escape from the Dark Factory. There are items that you can collect to escape. Point and click to collect those hidden items. There are also clues that can help you to escape. Dark Factory Escape is a brand new point and click room escape game by Eight Games. Good luck!