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Dark Doll House
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Dark Doll House is the newest point and click scary house escape game from Fun Escape Games. Have fun on another spooky escape adventure this Halloween!

The abandoned house just across the street where Albert lives is said to be a haunted one, for rumor has it that there's a cursed doll in there and nobody wants to touch it nor even see it. But Albert thought that it's just nonsense from superstitious people, so he went to the scary house for he had a job to do which was inspecting the interior of it and see if it's worthy of being demolished. Albert enters and the moment he set his foot in the place, the aura changed quickly and everything there got dark.

Albert realized then that he might be in for a real scare of his life if he continues, but as he turned and tried the door to leave however, the thing would not open and after then the first thing he saw was that scary doll in the hallway! Well it looks like the rumors of the place is true and right-now, Albert is in the middle of it wishing he had never entered in the first-place. Escape players, Albert is trapped here in the scary house with that scary doll, but he isn't going to stop there and do nothing, he has to find his way out now for the doll is getting closer and closer. Good luck on this one and enjoy the scary escape!

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  1. Date: September 2, 2019
    Author: b165042407
    What a pity. Too short this time. [Reply]

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