Dark City Escape

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Try this city escape and see if your skills and logic are enough for this challenge. Dark City Escape is a brand new point and click escape game from Selfdefiant. Enjoy!

Malcolm had so much fun in the village at the city, for even though it is situated on the side of a big urban area, the houses there remain old in design but still modern in functionality. Well that day however he had too much fun and when he decided to leave for home, it was actually night and it’s not good, for there are little to no vehicles there that can bring him home, well he still has to find a way though or he’ll be sleeping in the cold benches there.

There is still quite some time to find a bus or a taxi, he has no other option too for his phone is dead, so the only way was to walk to a main road and get some help there. Escape players, no city is completely safe at night, that’s why Malcolm needs to be very careful here as he finds something that can get him home safely. Come join Malcolm here then as he finds his way out of the city in the night. Good luck.

Walkthrough video for Dark City Escape


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