Dark Basement Room Escape Game

Dark Basement Room Escape

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Spencer went to his basement where a whole ton of old stuff are being stored and even an old stage! It was wide down there and his grandparents who lived in the place prior is a sentimental couple so that explains the various objects in that room. Spencer proceeds downstairs even though the room creeps him out but when he did however, he realized that the creepiness he feels will only increase and even added with another emotion! Well that's because the door which is the only way out of the basement just shut locked and because his parents are currently out, who knows when he'll be rescue from down there.

Spencer swears he'll never come down there if he ever gets out, or just remove the locks of the door or something. Looks like somebody needs help here escape players, care to join in the escape adventure here and see if you can help Spencer who was trapped in the basement before he hyperventilates? Place yourself on his shoes then so you can help him by adding your escape skills and also, to have a fun escape adventure as well.

Dark Basement Room Escape is another new point and click room escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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