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Dare 2 - 01

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In the previous escape adventures, we have joined princess Kayla and another person who was Marvin for they got both lost and trapped in an area which they respectively entered into. We have solve all of that escape players, but the adventure is not over yet for now, we will begin a new escape adventure. This time, the person who will be in trouble is Sean for he was quite a curious person and it only grew as the years gone by. He was told several times not to enter the abandoned complex near their home and he was even given warnings when he was a kid, instilling to him that the place is not safe. It really is not but Sean only grew curious of it until one day, he finally entered it with anybody knowing!

Sean enters the place and he immediately noticed the ruined stuff there as well as the old items which looked antique! He immediately found something interesting there and that's why he went deeper into the place, that is a bad choice for he never expected it is going to be like a maze in there! Sean really underestimated the place and in the end, he finally got lost. Sean couldn't navigate now and he finally realized the hard-way why he was being protected from it, that's not all too for there are more warnings given to him by his parents that haven't happened yet, and surely he won't just stand there and wait for those to happen. Escape players, imagine yourself in Sean's situation, now how will you escape from there safely and quickly?

Dare 2 - 01 is a brand new point and click complex escape game from 5n Games. This game is a continuation of the previous series as a new adventure.

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