Dangerous Wilderness Escape

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The forest is said to be a place fraught with danger, not because solely of the wild animals living there though, but also there are these strange happenings in the place and that would be enough to get people lost and never to be seen for again! That day, Elvis will come to test it but he thought those stories were just myths and tall-tales and he was just going to do a walk in the garden there, well actually it is real and he will get the consequences of his skepticism here.

At first the initial parts of the wilderness were okay, no dangerous animals, no pitfalls, no steep ravines, and just safe. But as he went further though he started to see some strange lights, and then it was weird for there was a part that he seems to have lost track of time, he came to then and just as quickly he realized that he was now lost! Elvis could not explain the weirdness of what just happened, but he is okay still and he thought he already had enough, he’ll just leave while he is still good and while there is still light for soon he’ll definitely come to face the worst of the situation here. Well will he be able to escape there though after what just had happened which he couldn’t explain? Escape players, you are now Elvis here and you are now facing the situation he is currently in. Will you be able to solve this by safely escaping?

Dangerous Wilderness Escape is another new point and click outdoors escape game made by 365 Escape.

Walkthrough video for Dangerous Wilderness Escape


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