Dangerous Red Forest Escape Game

Dangerous Red Forest Escape

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Dangerous Red Forest Escape is the newest point and click daring wilderness escape game from WoW Escape. Have fun navigating through the red forest with serious caution!

The forest wasn't so dangerous most times in the year, but there is a certain week however that it turns into something different like it's a land from a different planet! Larson who happened to live nearby it notices the occurrence every year to a point that it became normal to him, well it always doesn't fail to amaze. Larson had run-out of wood that day and he has to get more from that said forest which morphs into all hues of reds and from then the place is rumored to become very dangerous to venture! Well little did he know he is going to experience that first hand and for the very first time, the changing of the forest.

At first the forest was absolutely normal until, it changed into that red hue before his very eyes! Larson thought to himself is it that time of the year again? Well it is now, for everything that he can see had turned red. Larson needs to leave the place right-now for whenever the change occurs the place becomes extra dangerous. Escape players, come and join us on this dangerous forest escape here with Larson, good luck and may you never lose the path for home.

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