Dangerous Pyramid Escape Game

Dangerous Pyramid Escape

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You always admired the pyramids but it never occurred to you to really see them up close. However, one of your friend receiveda gift to travel to the pyramids. He called to inform you but slowly he was enticing you to go with him. You were hesitating at first since it was not part of your bucket list. But since it was free and you owe your friend some time, you agreed. That night, you searched for any interesting stuffs to do there. There was a mention of a tour of the inside of the pyramid. You had just finished reading a book about Egyptian gods. And it interest you. You were thinking about the tombs you'll be seeing. And what if you'll see an enchanted item? This made you become excited for the trip. Then morning came and your friend met you at the airport.

He was looking so down and it seemed like you already knew why. So you traveled to the pyramids alone. However, he made you promise to take as many pictures and videos as possible. And his wish was your command. You instantly got lost into taking pictures and videos. However, you also lost you way inside the pyramid. Play Dangerous Pyramid Escape room escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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