Dancing Boy Escape

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The pride of the suburbs is going to that dancing competition to win the trophy for the honor of their name. That person was just a boy but man could he dance, that’s why he was picked by the area as their winning competitor. Everyone in their area supports him and hoping he’ll win for this annual competition, one of his neighbors even offered to drive him to the venue for they didn’t have a car. That person who offered was Enrique and he was more than happy to, but he didn’t realize that he’ll be facing something different as he did and once again he offers his helping hand.

When Enrique arrived at the boy’s house, he called for him and when he expected for him to come outside, he instead heard a cry for help from inside the house! Enrique got startled at first for he didn’t know what’s going-on, but when he knew that the boy was trapped he then offered to help but he cannot assure that he won’t break any doors. Escape players, you can join Enrique here who is going to rescue the pride of the suburbs for the dancing competition. Will you be able to join Enrique and rescue the boy without breaking any doors?

Try not to destroy anything then and use the best of your skills to rescue the kid calmly. Dancing Boy Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Dancing Boy Escape

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