Dancer Escape

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The athletics competition is about to kick-off that day and there will be different kinds of sporting events and that would include dancing. As a dancer as well, Rona knows that her mentor is a really good dancer and in fact he is part of the competition and he strives to win! Rona will be there and it’s a good thing that she will, for her mentor is currently having a problem with transportation and he needed a ride, which Rona agreed to provide for he wants her mentor to stay relaxed and win. But as she arrived at her mentor’s house to pick him up however, there was yet another problem and this time it’s a different one!

Rona knocked on the door and she heard a muffled call for help, she was about to get her phone but when she heard her mentor say that he is trapped in one of the rooms in his house, Rona went inside quickly and it’s a good thing the front-door was unlocked! But that’s the only thing that’s sadly unlocked, for the doors inside the place are otherwise and one was even trapping her mentor. What happened there anyways? She tried the door and she indeed could not open it, well she is already there and her purpose was to give support to her mentor in the competition so, might as well help him for he is in some trouble. Escape players, will you help Rona as well and see if your skills of rescue will be of good use?

Dancer Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game created by 8b Games.