Damaged House Rescue Game

Damaged House Rescue

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Damaged House Rescue is the newest point and click escape game from Genie Fun Games. Have fun on another escape adventure here in a ruined abode.

A storm just passed and destroyed almost every house in the suburbs here, everyone was scrambling around trying to find everyone else and the entire area looked like a long abandoned town. As one of those persons who wants to assure the safety of his peers, Arnold was looking around the houses near him and one of those is his close-friend's place and it was almost totally brought down! Arnold called then for his friend in what remains of his house and fortunately, there was a response, but he must quickly rescue his friend though before his situation under the ruins gets worst.

Escape players, you're going to have to scour through the downed house here so you can get to Arnold's friend who is trapped under and could not easily escape, care to join in the rescue attempt here in a stormed house? Go ahead then, use all the objects you can find as well as your skills and logic so you can make this rescue easier and safe. Good luck everyone and don't forget to enjoy with us everyday.

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