Dalmatian Puppy Escape Game

Dalmatian Puppy Escape

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There was this menacing boy who likes to terrorize animals and it seems nobody had dealt with him yet, for he continues to do just that. He even made a house which he uses to trap animals! And one day as a person who had finally drawn the last straw, Baxter tried to chase him down but because he was much younger and swift, he didn't catch-up to him but instead, he seems to have found the boy's base or something.

Baxter checked the mysterious wooden cabin for he had never seen it before in this forest, he was careful for there might be traps here and when he managed to take a peek inside, he found the lost dalmatian of his neighbor and it seems to be a bit weak now! Baxter knew then that the place could have something to do with the boy for the dalmatian was last seen with the kid as he runs to the forest. This is the forest he ran into and this is most likely the house he had been using to imprison animals, that's why Baxter decided to rescue it quickly before it gets too weak that it couldn't take a drink, he might have to topple the door down if that comes. Escape players, come and try this animal rescue here with Baxter and be much careful too as you do that.

Dalmatian Puppy Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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