Dalmatian Home Escape Game

Dalmatian Home Escape

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You were walking slowly on the street a gloomy day. It was a holiday but you didn't have enough money on you to do something you really love - eating. So you just walked past the restaurants and stopped by the windows of other shops. You were hoping this would get your mood up. However, it remained as gloomy as the sky. You continued walking until you saw some guys having some problems with something. You had so much free time in your hands that you offered to help them. They were trying to put a large box inside their van. They told you to pull it from the inside while they push. You entered the van and the guys immediately closed the door. You tried to protest to them but the vehicle moved quickly towards a place you didn't know. It took a while before reaching the destination.

The guys then lead you towards a house. Instead of feeling horrified, you managed a smile. The house was full of dalmatians, your favorite breed of dog. The kidnappers saw your smile and pushed you to move quicker. They left you there without saying anything. But they made sure you wouldn't escape so easily. Play Dalmatian Home Escape room escape game by 8b Games.

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