Daisy Garden Escape

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Who would’ve thought that the swords were in this garden. You traveled worlds to get here and you were not planning to leave without the items. It was a peaceful night when the swords disappeared. It was the kind of night no one expected for anything as bad as this to happen. You were walking on the palace grounds trying to take in the happenings of the day. The prince was looking for you while you worked in the daisy garden. He loved the flowers there and he wanted you to take care of them dearly. He didn’t want anyone else around the flowers. You should be guarding the palace gates. But he made you tend the plants instead. You knew the prince since you were little. Your mother worked for them as well and you were his playmate until he left for his studies.

You stayed in the palace. And you trained with the guards. But the moment he returned, he never let you near the guards again and made you work in the garden. Then again, the moment you heard the swords disappeared, you knew you just had to help the guards. So you traveled to the present state of the daisy garden to find the swords and bring them back for the prince before he realized you were missing. Play Daisy Garden Escape room escape game by Mirchigames.